Mr E and lilly

married couple having photography fun.

We Won Something!

We had lots of fun at our last event and were already making our outfits for the next event.  What a surprise we had receiving a message to say we had won a prize for our outfits. The range of emotions we both felt from disbelief, excited, nervous, excited and more.  We were keen toContinue reading “We Won Something!”

Fun at the Circus

I just haven’t felt or had the time for writing so here are a couple of photos from the ‘Twisted Circus’ event 🎉

Carry on, Please !

Over the last few posts I have given a brief overview of our journey leading us to, and going to kink events. It’s been great reliving some of those moments. From a trip to Amsterdam in 2019 then a swingers club and then to monthly events held at a large Fetish Club & Dungeon, theContinue reading “Carry on, Please !”

Our First BDSM Event

While looking for dungeons to hire we stumbled across an interesting site. An old building, on an industrial estate, being renovated into a multi roomed play space. We were intrigued and tempted by the photos and description online. Clicking through their website we found that they held events but then COVID hit. Everything stopped. StillContinue reading “Our First BDSM Event”

A Bit of Fun

I find myself excited about visiting a swingers club but not because I want to swing! A feeling that we’re doing something far from our vanilla life that no-one knows or would believe we are doing. Something that we enjoy. We have a private room to do it in and we can make as muchContinue reading “A Bit of Fun”

Club Night – part 2

We are attending a club for the first time. I am on my knees, sucking Mr E’s cock in a public cinema…. After a while I was told to stop and that we would continue in private. I sat back next to him while he adjusted himself and noticed one of the single guys hadContinue reading “Club Night – part 2”

Club Night

It turns out that the look around the club had made more of an impact on us than we originally thought. So, after lots of talking, we provisionally set a date to visit on a Friday evening. We hadn’t left ourselves much time, 4 days to be exact. What to wear ? I wanted aContinue reading “Club Night”


After a third night out to a themed event, I thought back to how we got from playing in our bedroom to attending events. I have written about our adventures in Amsterdam so what happened next… After a trip to Amsterdam and the chance to visit a swingers club scuppered by my new found loveContinue reading “Rewind”

Tainted Love

Don’t panic, the title is just the name of an event we attended last night.  Once again the entertainment was top notch and the people so friendly. We chatted over the evening with a lovely couple who were there for the first time. She had previously been a Domme but now submissive (sub b).  AsContinue reading “Tainted Love”

Out of the Jungle

Our second BDSM event and the theme was Jumanji, so I took inspiration from ‘Ruby Roundhouse’ for my outfit. A thoroughly enjoyable evening again chatting to new people and some familiar ones from our first time. There were 3 planned pieces of entertainment during the evening; a belly dancer, dueling Dommes and a rope demonstration.Continue reading “Out of the Jungle”


It’s the early hours of the morning. I don’t know who is keeping who awake but sleep is definitely evading both of us. I take a trip to the bathroom and open the window wider before I get back into bed. He snuggles up behind me, spooning me and I relax into him. I’m expectingContinue reading “Cocooned”

Hello 2022

I don’t really set new years resolutions. I think the last one was over 20 years ago when we quit smoking. I will continue to embrace the highs and hang on in there during the lows. I have hopes, or maybe they are more like dreams. I would like more of the kinky fuckery (seeContinue reading “Hello 2022”

Copy That!

We found the photo so hot and wanted to try to recreate it.

Flying High

The home made flogger Mr E has made doubles up perfectly as my Halloween broom ! It’s a sure thing to help me reach those highs.


If faced with this question, what would YOU do? OPEN THE BOX OR TAKE THE MONEY? Nothing to contemplate for me. Somethings in life are priceless! Mr E

Kick Start

The first 2/3 weeks of our summer were terrible. Instead of rest and relaxation we got stress and worry. With things going in the right direction the pressure is off, for now. A brief moment of reflection and then time to kick-start ‘us’. 4 hours in a dungeon could do just that. Let me rephraseContinue reading “Kick Start”

Where did that year go ?

A message from WordPress alerted us to the fact that our site has been running for 12 months. In some ways it seems longer ! We’ve had so much fun creating photos from recordings of our play and also setting up photo sessions that had happy endings. From back to school, Halloween, Christmas themes, impromptuContinue reading “Where did that year go ?”

Home Movies

Mr E often films our play or part of it. I am rarely told that this will happen or that it is happening. Sometimes I hear the record button being pressed and other times Mr E will tell me after play and share the recording. If I hear the recording start my apprehension steps upContinue reading “Home Movies”

Ahoy me Hearties

Getting in with the pirate theme for ‘International talk like a pirate day’. I suggested this dress up knowing full well that Mr E has a ‘thing’ for pirates. Caught and preparing for a jolly good flogging. The day just gets better!

Dicking Around

When I think about ambition I think career and in this area I wouldn’t class myself as an ambitious person. I enjoy my job but I’ve never wanted to climb that career ladder. For me, well for both of us, it’s been about working to live and not living to work. I’m not about changingContinue reading “Dicking Around”

Pubes away

It’s just before 3am. I’m woken by a hand in my hair slowly tightening, pulling at my scalp.  His mouth close to my ear.  “I need to fuck you” “Yes Sir.  Please Sir” “Sit on my cock” Slightly dazed I do as I’ve been instructed. We soon find our rhythm. He pulls me down toContinue reading “Pubes away”

Bonus Bar Work!

It’s that time of year again when the kids break up. Our Fun time Thursday come to an end. Booooooo. Well a change of plan comes to light as I check out my messages as I walk home from work. The house is all ours. As I confirm my availability I walk faster in theContinue reading “Bonus Bar Work!”

Drums Please !

We thought we would stick with the music theme. I quite like a nipple clamp or 2 and using the drum sticks was certainly up there with the best of them. Removing them was not a quick and easy task either and my nipples felt deliciously bruised for a while after.

Play with me !

A couple of weeks ago I took a few pictures, primarily focused on my favorite boots but soon ended up with guitars and a ukulele in the shots. They have sat on my phone since then as I didn’t get around to doing anything with them. Today I have seen the second guitar theme photoContinue reading “Play with me !”

Tub Fun

Can’t believe I’ve not done this before today…  It’s mid afternoon and we are looking at a new toy while getting ready to hop into our hot tub, we remarked how it would be good to use in the shower but unfortunately it isn’t waterproof.  “Unlike my clit sucker”.  I say innocently.  By the lookContinue reading “Tub Fun”

I Wank-You Sir !

The nice people at sohimi have sent us another male wanker offerer, Eliza, to try out.  Again the packaging was discrete, thank goodness as our oldest child took delivery of it. Unwrapping it, I have to say, the box looks quite classy.  Inside the box there was Eliza, a USB charging cable, small tube ofContinue reading “I Wank-You Sir !”

Spring has Sprung

I’d been allowed to bring myself close to orgasm as Mr E watched, only finding my release when he touched me.


Seeing the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was ‘take care of yourself’ I thought this post fit quite nicely. We made good use of the bikes Mr E had before the children came along. A quick blast around, a visit to friends, a night away. There weren’t many times when the bike came out that IContinue reading “Motorbikin”

Play Time

A still picture from a video taken during play time.

Bank Holiday DIY !

I love to help with DIY projects however my work wear was a little too distracting for Mr E. These jeans have definitely had their day 😳

Fantasy Fun

Mr E’s fantasy of having a bunch of Lily’s !


I would love to be laid back more often 😄

Time Please !

Last year we found a day where we could take some photos and have some fun.  It was all going fabulous.  Mid afternoon and we were tidied up, cleaned up and getting dressed when we receive devastating news. One of the best days of 2020 was now also one of the worst days. Don’t getContinue reading “Time Please !”

Were we always kinky?

Were we kinky before D/s ?  I would say we’ve always had a fair amount of sex, regular sex.  Even when the children came along it never got old.  We had routine bedtime for them which allowed us time for each other in the evenings.  Whether snuggling and watching TV, chatting or fucking, we hadContinue reading “Were we always kinky?”

Tickled pink

Just because we’ve had a lot of black, grey and white photos.


I just love to have Mr in my mouth. The taste and feel. The urgency of his movements chasing his release then stilling to prolong the inevitable.

On My Terms

So, what with lockdown, homeschooling, vaccinations, work and the usual necessities of everyday life, intimate time is extremely precious at the moment. We have a “usual” slot on Sundays when we can usually indulge ourselves with healthy dose of “kinky fuckery” to de-stress and basically behave “badly” 👹 Lilly went upstairs to bathe and prepareContinue reading “On My Terms”

Hook a Slut

“Have you any requests for this afternoon?” Sir asks as I’m getting ready for work. I have a think as I’m brushing my teeth.  Last week we had a really intense flogging session.  It was pretty amazing but I am mindful of repeating such an experience so soon might not turn out the same.  IContinue reading “Hook a Slut”

A little gift

I love getting new things so when these new knickers dropped on the door mat I hoped for some fun…. and I wasn’t disappointed. ♥️

Bright idea?

This happened in 2019 when we were able to travel abroad for the summer. 🌞 Being no different to any other kinky couple we are always thinking about things to do.  Going abroad on holiday with family adds an extra level of difficulty with the things we can take, the time we get alone andContinue reading “Bright idea?”

Something new !

My limit was fast approaching. I took a deep breath in, in anticipation of the next blow. As it landed something clicked, a switch was flipped.  Although blindfolded, it was like a light had been turned on and in my head everything moved into vibrant, high definition colours.  This was something new, the brightness andContinue reading “Something new !”


I met Mr E in a group of friends, I had just turned 17 and he was 5 years older (funnily enough he still is). We all went out together on the weekends and 6 months in we started to date. The first few months were fiesty at times. I was quite headstrong and aContinue reading “17”

Stairway To Heaven

As she crawls up the stairs, it’s clear to see that she’s a willing subject. Stilettos, incredibly sexy lingerie and a smooth, solid steel hook pushed firmly into her arse, held securely with a rope tied to her collar. I follow her up the stairs, my cock throbs and begins to drip cum from theContinue reading “Stairway To Heaven”


During my working day I have to wear trousers so most of my time out of work, around the house, going out or going out, out, I like to wear a dress or skirt. So what do I team this up with, tights or stockings? There is so much choice out there from tights, suspenderContinue reading “Stockings?”

Merry Kiss.My.Arse 2020

2020 has been even more challenging than previous years, but we’re still here, having had a wonderful Christmas day. I hope everyone has some fun festivities and let’s hope 2021 brings a little more freedom for us all. The last door of The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar. Inspired by 25 We Wish You aContinue reading “Merry Kiss.My.Arse 2020”

Oh Santa !

“Come and sit on Santa and if you’re a good girl you can have EVERYTHING in my sack!” ^Mr E Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar Inspired by 18. What’s in Santa’s sack?

Glass of Christmas Cheer

Everyone likes a nice glAss full at Christmas, don’t they? Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar Inspired by 16.   Glass of Christmas Cheer

Elf on the Shelf

Just look at that naughty Elf fantasizing over those lovely ladies ! Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar Inspired by 14. Festive Fantasy

Christmas Dress Up

Here to help you get ready for Santa 🎅 lilly Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar Inspired by 11. Christmas Dress Up

All Tooled Up

I believe if a jobs’ worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I can assure you that Lilly is most definitely worth doing, so thought I’d better be fully prepared. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!” With dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, cuffs, clamps, whips and paddles at the ready, l guess it’s fair to say thatContinue reading “All Tooled Up”

Wrap up

The weather really has turned this week so on go the winter woolies. Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar Inspired by 7. Baby it’s Cold Outside

Weight Patiently

I lick and suck, tease him with my tongue until he can take no more. He holds my head still with the hand in my hair. ‘Stop’ he whispers as he pulls out of my mouth. 1 He stops using the crop. I’ve made him drip and he needs cleaning. He’s soon taken over holdingContinue reading “Weight Patiently”

Christmas Stockings

Continuing with The SafeworD/s Kinky Community Avent Calendar. Inspired by 4. Christmas Stockings

Ho Dear

Continuing with The SafeworD/s Kinky Community Avent Calendar. Inspired by 3. Harness those Reindeer.

Candy Cane

Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club advent calender. Inspired by 2. Candy Canes

Chilly Tinsel Titties

For a bit of kinky fun we are joining in with The SafeworD/s Club advent calendar. Behind our first door are Chilly Tinsel Titties, inspired by 1. Get the Tinsel Out

Tub time

One of our favorite things to do to chill out is hopping into the hot tub. Relieving aches and stresses or just a private party for 2 this has been fantastic over the years. It’s easy to forget how good this is in the colder weather, feeling the chill of the air on your faceContinue reading “Tub time”


I feel 2020 has robbed so many of us in so many ways. If you can say you have come this far into the year with little to no disruption, then good for you. As for the rest of us we have been robbed of time with loved ones, experiences, holidays, education, the list isContinue reading “Robbed”

Ouch! Don’t stop!

Ouch goes the slut, as it smacks on her cheek Ouch goes the slut, her knees start to go weak Ouch goes the slut, her lips start to quiver Ouch goes the slut, her spine feels a shiver Ouch goes the slut, with one word it would stop……… But that’s not going to happen ‘cosContinue reading “Ouch! Don’t stop!”

Midnight Impact

I’m asleep or am I. The covers are no longer over my body something’s not right. There’s a shadow on the bed, looking down on me. What’s happening? He leans down to tell her me “go to the bathroom then meet me downstairs in 5 minutes. Ok?” “Yes Sir” is all I can respond. MyContinue reading “Midnight Impact”

Hocus Pocus

What is it they say… As one door closes another one slams in your face !  I had the week off work and we had planned to have some kinky fuckery and halloween’ish photos on the day that the house was ours for a whole 7 hours.  Yes you heard right, just the 2 ofContinue reading “Hocus Pocus”

X marks the spot

After using a flogger from home to warm me up, Sir had fashioned a cane from a twig and used it to turn the heat up on my bottom and thighs. When he had finished with me, I asked Sir to put a cross on my bottom. He gladly agreed but in doing so theContinue reading “X marks the spot”


Love a bit of sexting when you can’t be together. “Good evening Sir. Wish were here. X”

Mmmm tasty

I had discarded my underwear and dropped to my knees without question, when instructed. I greedily sucked his cock until he stopped me. Pushed onto my back, I opened up freely, wantonly, for him to fill me up and fuck me.

Flogging a hot spot

My arms were beginning to sag in the cuffs. I’m secured, by my wrist suspension cuffs, to opposite walls in the bedroom. I’m kneeling up, blindfolded, over the bed. I have been flogged with the rope flogger, the suede flogger and the leather flogger which sets me on fire. We have been playing for aContinue reading “Flogging a hot spot”

Dressed to Impress

Introducing Mr E. Sir thought he should make an effort for his debut appearance on monochromerotic.

Quiet time

Quietly waiting, the calm before the storm and boy do I love a good storm. Holding a cane between my lips, blindfolded, listening for Sirs movements around the room. A cupboard opening, a jingle of the metal hoops on my collar or was it the clips on the suspension cuffs?  Seconds tick by as IContinue reading “Quiet time”

Back to school

As all the young people go back to school this week, I thought I would join in with the ‘back to school photos’.

Upside-down, left hanging

My inside’s out, my left is rightMy upside’s down, my black is whiteI hold my breath, and close my eyesAnd wait for dawn, but there’s no light Nothing makes sense anymore. This photo was taken when we hired a dungeon.  I had planned to share it then had a terrible end to the week. TheContinue reading “Upside-down, left hanging”

Back to nature

Given the right environment, a warm one, I’m more than happy to shed some clothes. So when out on a walk this week Sir pointed out the tree and I quickly stripped off for a few pictures. Being naked outside, feeling the sun on my body and a light refreshing breeze is liberating.  If onlyContinue reading “Back to nature”

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