Mr E and lilly

married couple having photography fun.

Tub time

One of our favorite things to do to chill out is hopping into the hot tub. Relieving aches and stresses or just a private party for 2 this has been fantastic over the years. It’s easy to forget how good this is in the colder weather, feeling the chill of the air on your faceContinue reading “Tub time”


I feel 2020 has robbed so many of us in so many ways. If you can say you have come this far into the year with little to no disruption, then good for you. As for the rest of us we have been robbed of time with loved ones, experiences, holidays, education, the list isContinue reading “Robbed”

Ouch! Don’t stop!

Ouch goes the slut, as it smacks on her cheek Ouch goes the slut, her knees start to go weak Ouch goes the slut, her lips start to quiver Ouch goes the slut, her spine feels a shiver Ouch goes the slut, with one word it would stop……… But that’s not going to happen ‘cosContinue reading “Ouch! Don’t stop!”

Midnight Impact

I’m asleep or am I. The covers are no longer over my body something’s not right. There’s a shadow on the bed, looking down on me. What’s happening? He leans down to tell her me “go to the bathroom then meet me downstairs in 5 minutes. Ok?” “Yes Sir” is all I can respond. MyContinue reading “Midnight Impact”

Hocus Pocus

What is it they say… As one door closes another one slams in your face !  I had the week off work and we had planned to have some kinky fuckery and halloween’ish photos on the day that the house was ours for a whole 7 hours.  Yes you heard right, just the 2 ofContinue reading “Hocus Pocus”

X marks the spot

After using a flogger from home to warm me up, Sir had fashioned a cane from a twig and used it to turn the heat up on my bottom and thighs. When he had finished with me, I asked Sir to put a cross on my bottom. He gladly agreed but in doing so theContinue reading “X marks the spot”


Love a bit of sexting when you can’t be together. “Good evening Sir. Wish were here. X”

Mmmm tasty

I had discarded my underwear and dropped to my knees without question, when instructed. I greedily sucked his cock until he stopped me. Pushed onto my back, I opened up freely, wantonly, for him to fill me up and fuck me.

Flogging a hot spot

My arms were beginning to sag in the cuffs. I’m secured, by my wrist suspension cuffs, to opposite walls in the bedroom. I’m kneeling up, blindfolded, over the bed. I have been flogged with the rope flogger, the suede flogger and the leather flogger which sets me on fire. We have been playing for aContinue reading “Flogging a hot spot”

Dressed to Impress

Introducing Mr E. Sir thought he should make an effort for his debut appearance on monochromerotic.

Quiet time

Quietly waiting, the calm before the storm and boy do I love a good storm. Holding a cane between my lips, blindfolded, listening for Sirs movements around the room. A cupboard opening, a jingle of the metal hoops on my collar or was it the clips on the suspension cuffs?  Seconds tick by as IContinue reading “Quiet time”

Back to school

As all the young people go back to school this week, I thought I would join in with the ‘back to school photos’.

Upside-down, left hanging

My inside’s out, my left is rightMy upside’s down, my black is whiteI hold my breath, and close my eyesAnd wait for dawn, but there’s no light Nothing makes sense anymore. This photo was taken when we hired a dungeon.  I had planned to share it then had a terrible end to the week. TheContinue reading “Upside-down, left hanging”

Back to nature

Given the right environment, a warm one, I’m more than happy to shed some clothes. So when out on a walk this week Sir pointed out the tree and I quickly stripped off for a few pictures. Being naked outside, feeling the sun on my body and a light refreshing breeze is liberating.  If onlyContinue reading “Back to nature”

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