Midnight Impact

I’m asleep or am I. The covers are no longer over my body something’s not right. There’s a shadow on the bed, looking down on me. What’s happening? He leans down to tell her me “go to the bathroom then meet me downstairs in 5 minutes. Ok?”

“Yes Sir” is all I can respond. My body moves off the bed, going into autopilot to give my mind time to catch up. 5 minutes! How will I know when 5 minutes are up. I didn’t check the clock, I’ve not got my phone or a watch. What time is it anyway! Ok focus, 5 minutes. I start to count but can’t concentrate past 10. I’m off balance being woken up for play. With my mind racing I keep trying to count but I have other thoughts. Flash backs of Sir telling me he would wake me to flog and fuck me. Images appear in my mind, hopes of what might happen

I hear the cupboard door open or close in the bedroom. I have no idea how long I’ve been in the bathroom. Is it time to go down stairs? Is this part of the play and I’ll get in trouble if I’m early or late.  Time to go and find out. 

I am first to the living room so I put a blanket down and kneel on it ready for Sir. I keep my eyes cast down as he walks in. He puts some things onto the sofa infront of me but I don’t look up.  Excitement building I have butterflies in my tummy and my heart speeds up. Moving infront of, he bends down and plugs the wand in. As he straightens to face me he grabs a fist full of my hair and pushes his cock into my mouth taking control and fucking my face. As the movement slows down I tentatively take over sucking him.  He’s letting me have my turn now, slowly working his cock further into my mouth, nudging the back of my throat.  Enjoying the feel and taste of him I take my time.  I’m stopped abruptly and I’m being pulled by my hair. 

Sir positions me bent over the sofa. No messing around he uses the heavy suede flogger, hard and fast.  All too soon he moves me to a standing position with my hands on the wall above the fire.  A few more strokes with the heavy flogger and he changes to the stingy leather flogger.  Sir is not going easy on me or taking his time on a warm up, it’s like we are on fast forward.  It’s been a while since our last impact play so I’m probably more sensitive. My back feels on fire too quickly.  I’m close to safe wording. I keep telling myself ‘just one more’, not really wanting it to stop. I know as soon as it stops I will want more.  After about 5 more Sir stops.  I stay still as I hear him moving around behind me.  Waiting for the next move. Does he have the crop, a cane, a paddle, a tawse?

My hair is grabbed as he tells me ‘down’. I’m half pushed, half guided to lying face down over a bean bag. Sir fucks me, uses me, rough and hard, pressing down on my burning back.  It feels so good.  Totally spent he breathes deep, his heartbeat slowing as he catches his breath. I feel fully awake, super alert in the quiet of the night so when I’m also offered an orgasm I quickly accept.

We were all too soon back in bed, all traces of our middle of the night rendezvous gone.  Slowly drifting off to sleep my mind wonders if I just had an amazing dream or was it reality.


12 thoughts on “Midnight Impact

  1. This was super hot Lilly. I love the idea of being woken in this way and can imagine that the disorientation and confusion really added to it. I love the sort of secret element too. As if it all could have been a dream but you both know it was real. Great post. Missy x


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