Weight Patiently

I lick and suck, tease him with my tongue until he can take no more. He holds my head still with the hand in my hair. ‘Stop’ he whispers as he pulls out of my mouth. 1

He stops using the crop. I’ve made him drip and he needs cleaning. He’s soon taken over holding my head and fucking my face. Then he suddenly withdraws. 2

The flogging is paused. ‘You’ve made me drip again’. He purrs. I obediently lick and suck until I’m halted.  3

The flogging comes to an end. The bed dips as he gets infront of me. I instinctively open my mouth. ‘Tongue’ he instructs. As I stick my tongue out he wipes the cum off his cock on it. I greedily suck him into my mouth but I’m abruptly halted. ‘I’m not finished with you yet’. 4

He unclips the cuffs and holds me from behind. I push my bottom into him, grinding against his cock over and over. ‘You’re going to make me cum’ he growls.  He pushes me forward. ‘Roll over.’. 5

Rolling to my side, I fling my legs over in the best possible taste. Denied for a 6th time? I don’t think so. 

Continuing with The SafeworD/s Club community advent calendar

Inspired by 5. Edge Yourself to Orgasm


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