Stairway To Heaven

As she crawls up the stairs, it’s clear to see that she’s a willing subject. Stilettos, incredibly sexy lingerie and a smooth, solid steel hook pushed firmly into her arse, held securely with a rope tied to her collar. I follow her up the stairs, my cock throbs and begins to drip cum from the tip. I pass her and take hold of her leash, guiding her up the stairs, across the landing to the bedroom. She kneels patiently at the foot of the bed. Standing in front of her I brush my cum dripping cock across her wanton mouth. “Lick it…. Suck it…. Gag on it” I command, she willingly obligages with great enthusiasm! I stand her up and force her, face first, onto the bed. On all fours I push my cock, full length into her wet pussy. She groans as she arches her back, positioning the hook to gain maximum pleasure. We fuck, hard and fast until I can bear it no longer and explode inside her!! I withdraw and role her onto her back. She reaches for the wand and presses it firmly onto her engorged clit, as I play with her cum filled pussy.  In a matter of seconds she’s writhing around, shrieking, howling almost crying as the orgasm’s grip her body and tosses her head into a spin!! We both crash, both gasping for breath, both exhausted, both at the top of “The Stairway To Heaven”

^Mr E

21 thoughts on “Stairway To Heaven

  1. am i glad i came across this. love the photo and the hook mmm i love that feeling and can only imagine how good it feels to Miss lilly She looks so sexy like that. And then your words :my cum dripping cock across her wanton mouth. “Lick it…. Suck it…. Gag on it” I command,” were mouth watering to me
    very hot and erotic
    Thank You for sharing


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