I met Mr E in a group of friends, I had just turned 17 and he was 5 years older (funnily enough he still is). We all went out together on the weekends and 6 months in we started to date. The first few months were fiesty at times. I was quite headstrong and a bit mouthy back then and Mr E was having none of it. Between us, being open and honest, we ironed out the creases. Expectations we’re clear and fair and they made me feel comfortable and safe. I knew Mr E had got my back. We were soon on the same page and became each others best friends, favouring time spent together to time spent separately with friends. I wouldn’t class myself as a jealous, bunny boiler, type. Don’t get me wrong if you have a large cream cake and mine is tiny I would be jealous but I would be pleased for you (just watch you don’t choke on it πŸ˜‚). With Mr E I have always had complete trust in him. Trust to make well informed decisions, to look after me and not to cheat on me. Before I had turned 20 we were married and had bought our first house. There were things that we each took more control of and the other kept up-to-date. Most decisions are made between us although I am more than happy to research things and follow his lead.

It was always there!

Mr E never chooses my clothes or tells me what to buy but if I buy something that he is not keen on then I will wear that when he is not with me. This is why… Barely a year into our relationship, I still lived at home with my parents and Mr E would spend time over. On one occasion we were getting ready to go out. I had opted for my favourite tartan leggings. Mr E had mentioned that he wasn’t keen on these, ok he detested them, but I loved them. On re-entering the bedroom he took one look and asked if that’s what I planned to go out in. I smiled and said yes but soon found myself on the bed, stripped of my leggings which were thrown on top of my wardrobe. There was a fun element but it was also a matter of fact, if I wouldn’t take them off he would take them off me. With a smirk of triumph Mr E then said I should find something to wear, fairly quickly as we would be late. That display of dominance (although I didn’t recognize it as such back then) sent delicious thrills through me. I had to keep this one.

I feel lucky to have found Mr E in my late teens.


photo taken by Mr E when I was 17/18

16 thoughts on “17

  1. It’s wonderful to read some of your history together, and to see that dominance was part of it so early already. So sweet to read, and you made me laugh with the remark about is age, and the choking on the cake. You’re funny!
    ~ Marie


    1. Thank you Marie, always happy to put a smile on someone’s face. Our marriage has always had D/s traits although we only recognized this when we started exploring kink, 7 years ago πŸ€”


  2. Congratulations, finding a keeper at that age is a treasure of immense value. I am sure he feels the same for you. Stay well, be safe.


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