Something new !

My limit was fast approaching. I took a deep breath in, in anticipation of the next blow. As it landed something clicked, a switch was flipped.  Although blindfolded, it was like a light had been turned on and in my head everything moved into vibrant, high definition colours.  This was something new, the brightness and the colour.  I felt taller, I felt bigger, I felt stronger. On my next breath in I rose back up onto my knees. Relaxing my shoulders I absorbed the next blow feeling the heat as it radiated out from the landing spot. Each subsequent crack of the flogger set off sparks simultaneously on my body and in my mind. Yes I dipped down on my knees, this was my body’s natural reaction to the pain, but I accepted it gratefully.   

Later that afternoon, we sat enjoying a nice cup of tea and talking about our play.  I explained to Mr E my experience, the vibrant colours, and how I can’t remember this happening before. There was a definite and sudden point at which things changed where as, during previous escapades, things had happened more gradually or I’ve been lost in the moment and just found myself at a destination.  Mr E said that he had also noticed a change around me. The experience was quite surreal and surprised me, in a good way, and I can’t wait to do that again!

Mr E edited these photos after our chat.

16 thoughts on “Something new !

  1. This is really interesting Lilly. It sounds like an amazing experience and while I have felt what I would call subspace I have never experienced it like this. I hope it happens for you again. I love this picture too and Mr E’s edits are clever. Missy x

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