Bright idea?

This happened in 2019 when we were able to travel abroad for the summer. 🌞

Being no different to any other kinky couple we are always thinking about things to do.  Going abroad on holiday with family adds an extra level of difficulty with the things we can take, the time we get alone and the need to reduce noise pollution (paper thin walls and titled floors do nothing for dampening the noise).
We travel with hand luggage and don’t fancy our chances with getting floggers, cuffs or canes through security and onto the aeroplane. So once at our destination trips to DIY stores, the local shops that sell everything and nothing, and even supermarkets have us eyeing up pervertables to put in our growing collection.  Hearing about more couples buying electric stim toys and their experience with them got me curious. I had a creative, alternative, thinking outside of the box, light bulb moment. In my head it was a perfectly good idea.
We had previously brought a plastic fly swat to play with.  Sort of a cross between a flexible plastic paddle and crop, which is very effective but somewhat noisy on contact. I was sure I had seen electric fly swats, like small tennis rackets.  I kept the thought to myself until actually seeing one. Picking it up I casually explained to Mr E that maybe he could use this on my bottom instead of spanking. It would be very quiet, apart from maybe a squeal but a gag would keep me quiet or quieter and not leave marks for when we are around the pool.
I separately noted that it shouldn’t be too bad as it only took 2 AA batteries, and in my younger years I’ve been silly enough to stick my tongue on the end of a battery (the joys of being the youngest of 3 children) which gave a sharp little kick. It could be just enough for me to know we’re playing.  I excitingly imagined the tingling sensation it might cause on my bottom.  I mean, how much of a kick could that give? It’s not like it’s plugged into the mains supply, right?  
Mr E looked quite keen and agreed to the idea, picking up batteries to complete the purchase.  I felt pleased with myself that this little fantasy would become reality.

Back in the apartment I eagerly opened the packaging and loaded up the batteries.  I pressed the button and tap my palm with it…. nothing. I tried again and again, checking that the light was on indicating power, and it was. Mr E had a look.  There was a protective mesh on each side just big enough for a fly or bug to fit through to make contact with the zappie bit. He would have to cut the mesh off one side so the inner bit could make contact with my skin. Still inpatient, having a new toy and not trying it out, I stuck my pinkie finger through the mesh.  OMFG… a loud crack, a spark and a sharp pain had me quickly retrieving my finger.  The smell of burning soon hit our senses. With a shocked expression on my face I quickly begged “Please don’t use that on me Sir”.
We both laughed and Mr E agreed that maybe he wouldn’t be using it me after all. Then announced  “Maybe it would be better for keeping the mozzies away…. or maybe torturing a nipple or 2.”   GULP.  Maybe I’ll keep my bright ideas to myself in the future. 


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