On My Terms

So, what with lockdown, homeschooling, vaccinations, work and the usual necessities of everyday life, intimate time is extremely precious at the moment. We have a “usual” slot on Sundays when we can usually indulge ourselves with healthy dose of “kinky fuckery” to de-stress and basically behave “badly” πŸ‘Ή Lilly went upstairs to bathe and prepare while I waited…….then I received a message from her.

“Careful when you enter the bedroom and can we take some photos please?”

Photos, nobody mentioned anything to me about photos! Now, I find photos of Lilly very sexy and indeed taking them can be equally erotic! However, I can be a greedy, selfish, jealous bastard and on this occasion didn’t feel like taking erotic photos of my wife to share with others! In fact, all I wanted to do was fuck the hell out of her!

I begrudgingly took a few pics but it soon became obvious that my heart wasn’t in it. Lilly looked disappointed and annoyed but we both ended up lying side by side on the bed. She played with my cock and I teased her nipples, things were falling into place.

I worked my way down to her pussy, soft, smooth and yielding. As I licked her clit and slipped a finger inside her she responded with the moans and wriggles of wanton slut. I crawled up her body, pushing her legs up to her chest and pinning her wrists flat to the bed. Then, gently, but firmly I forced my hard cock inside her. I could tell it was deep, slightly uncomfortable, yet very much needed! I repeatedly forced my cock in and out of her greedy pussy, pausing from time to time as I didn’t want to cum too soon. As I continued to fuck her I felt the urge that I knew I could not stop. I withdrew my cock, grabbed her by the hair and forced her on to her knees on the floor. I pushed my cock into her mouth and immediately filled it with cum!I fucked her mouth and wiped my cock all over her face. I was still rock hard and horny as fuck so lifted her to her feet and pushed her back onto the bed. I thrust my cock back inside her, telling her that “I like to fuck my possessions, not just take photos of them!” and quickly climaxed again! We carried on fucking until Lilly came too!

Maybe we’ll take more photos next week πŸ˜‰.

Mr E

This our first post linked with MMM Mondays and this certainly had me mmmm-ing on Sunday. lilly

6 thoughts on “On My Terms

  1. Mister K also is a greedy, selfish bastard. I wouldn’t want him any other way. There’ always time for pictures, but maybe not so much for kinky fuckery. Good choice πŸ™‚


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