Toy Review – Hurricane Masturbator Cup

Recently we were contacted by Sohimi and asked to do a review. They suggested that we choose something from their clitoral or anal toy range but having looked on their website we decided to go totally off piste and looked at their male sex toy range found here . Our choice of toy was a male automatic masturbator/stroker, called the hurricane. In the words of Mr E a ‘wanker offerer’.

The parcel arrived in discrete packaging. The box inside was sturdy and showed exactly what we were getting. The product comes fully assembled with a small manual and magnetic charging cable. It’s quite a handful of toy with enough weight to not feel cheap but not too heavy to handle. As already mentioned we chose this toy as Mr E has never used anything like this. I would say the main function is to use it as a stroker. Inserting the penis into the assembled toy then either using the vibration function, for the main shaft, and/or the rotation function, for the tip.

The toy can be separated so the rotation function can be used independently on body parts ie tip of penis, nipples, balls etc. The controls are on the base of the toy, 3 small buttons. The first is the power button. The second button controls the vibrations, a total of 10 modes, changing speed and frequency. The third button controls the rotation again changing the speed and direction of the rotation. All very accessible and independently lit so this could be used in low lighting/dark.

So down to the nitty gritty…I used a liberal amount of lube on my cock and at the entrance to the toy. Already hard from watching lilly orgasm, I pushed my cock into the soft silicone entrance. It felt good, cool, and provided enough pressure to stimulate me without being painful. First we tried the different vibration modes. These vibrations travelled right down the shaft of my penis to my balls. Leaving the vibrations on a constant buzz and keen to try it all we added the rotation function into the mix. This was tremendously stimulating to the tip of my cock. We worked our way through the different modes of the rotation function. I could hold back no longer and was tipped over the edge by the oscillating setting and to be quite honest it really didn’t take long. Wanting to explore further we separated the the toy, which left us with the rotation head. Lilly used this on the tip of my cock which was nice but she was obviously feeling left out and curious moving it to her own nipples. Lilly says it was a teasing feeling on her nipples which was nice.

Cleaning the toy is somewhat awkward. Removing the silicone insert from the main body was not quick while trying to be careful with the delicate wire attached to the vibration bullet. The bullet is nestled inside one of the silicone inserts and now covered in lube and sperm, also proved difficult to extract. The silicone insert in the rotation cup was, however, easy to remove. Once removed the silicone inserts are easy to wash with soap and water but again the main body needs more care due to the bullet and wiring.

I was a little skeptical about the potential of this product but interested to try something new. Fully expecting to use the toy as a form of foreplay then put it to one side to finish off using lilly. My misgivings proved completely false. The hurricane provides powerful stimulating sensations which led to a surprisingly swift strong orgasm. The only reservations I still have are over the robustness of the wiring to the vibration bullet which I feel could be improved.

Most of our toys are for lilly and I would never have thought to buy a male masturbator. I didn’t think I needed one or would use one but having the opportunity to try one I realize that there is a place for this in our toy box and will definitely use it again.

Note: We were contacted by Sohimi and asked to review any product from their range. We chose this toy and it was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review. We received no other compensation for this review.

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