Bonus Bar Work!

It’s that time of year again when the kids break up. Our Fun time Thursday come to an end. Booooooo.

Well a change of plan comes to light as I check out my messages as I walk home from work. The house is all ours. As I confirm my availability I walk faster in the knowledge there is a bath waiting for me. An off the cuff unplanned playdate is just what we needed.

Before I know it I’m bathed, naked and kneeling on the floor for play. Mr E blindfolds me and lifts my hand for the first cuff. I instantly notice it’s not the suspension cuff and begin to wonder about our play. Mr E has given nothing away. He takes his time wrist cuffs then ankle cuffs. He then instructs me to get onto the bed, with his guidance.

I’m on all fours on the bed and I hear the jangle of metal on wood. He asks me if I know what it is.

“The spreader bar Sir?”

“Good girl, it is the spreader bar.” He fastens my ankles to it first then comes to the side of the bed. I’m making him drip and need to clean him up. I greedily lick and suck until he’s had enough. Grabbing my hair he pulls out of my mouth and pushes my head down to the bed. Taking my wrists, one at a time, he fastens them to each end of the bar stretching them towards my ankles.

“Comfortable there slut?”

With my arse in the air, and hands pulled towards my feet, I’m taking a lot of weight on my head, neck and shoulders. I am unable to move in any direction.

“Yes Sir. Thank you.”

“Before we begin maybe something else to keep you occupied. Do you know what this is?”

I feel a plug against my arse. I guess at a metal plug. Wrong. With some help I eventually guess correctly, it’s the glass plug and I’m rewarded with it’s insertion.

All ready for the paddling to begin.

Mr E made this wooden bar a few years ago, I don’t think it gets the use it should really!

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