Kick Start

The first 2/3 weeks of our summer were terrible. Instead of rest and relaxation we got stress and worry. With things going in the right direction the pressure is off, for now. A brief moment of reflection and then time to kick-start ‘us’. 4 hours in a dungeon could do just that. Let me rephrase that, 4 hours in the dungeon did give us a boost. It wasn’t nearly long enough but it was a start.

* Update to post ; this was over a month ago and I thought I had posted this. We had a few weeks where life cut us some slack before getting away with us again. It’s hard to think about play when there are other areas of your life wanting a piece of us but when we find time for us it’s so worth the effort. We had loads of fun on that day taking photos then playing. I hope we can visit another play area or an event soon.

12 thoughts on “Kick Start

  1. I miss events soo much! It feels like the world will never go back to where it was sometimes, but scene liek these certainly help. 4 hours sounds amazing, I hope you fully enjoyed 🙂

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