Hello 2022

I don’t really set new years resolutions. I think the last one was over 20 years ago when we quit smoking. I will continue to embrace the highs and hang on in there during the lows. I have hopes, or maybe they are more like dreams. I would like more of the kinky fuckery (see photo), to go on holiday, to attend kink events….. oh there are more but to be honest it’s an everyday list not just a new year thing. Who knows how the year will go!

This was so much fun and what a surprise to see the writing on my arse. Thank goodness Mr E used a washable marker.

12 thoughts on “Hello 2022

  1. I love that you and Mr E are having so much fun with it all. I think your approach is perfect and I am sure many of these things will come off in the year to come. Great pic! xx


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