It’s the early hours of the morning. I don’t know who is keeping who awake but sleep is definitely evading both of us. I take a trip to the bathroom and open the window wider before I get back into bed. He snuggles up behind me, spooning me and I relax into him. I’m expecting his breathing to get deeper as he drifts off to sleep but he has other ideas. I am aware that his breathing is not changing, he is not relaxing. 

I feel him move. He scoops my hair into a makeshift ponytail which he holds in one hand. I am conscious of his erection against me, gently pushing. He moves so his cock is between my legs, rubbing slowly, back and forth along my slit, teasing me until I take him into me.

He rolls us over so now he’s on top and I’m on my tummy. My arms are trapped under my torso, the weight of his body pinning me down. His legs are around the outside of mine and I have no room to move.  He has a firm hold of my head, keeping it turned to one side with the ponytail. I am cocooned by his body, unable to move, as he fucks me. He takes his time. 

He whispers dirty words so close to my ear, too close. His breath in my ear, which he knows I struggle with. I would normally twist away from him but right now I can’t move, his grip on my hair keeps me in place. I’m powerless to stop him. 

I need my release but I don’t want releasing. The power he has over me, physically restraining me, is intoxicating.  He whispers, that I’m his whore and I wanted to be fucked. Humiliating, degrading words. His grip on my hair tightens, burning my scalp, his pace quickens, I feel he is close. 

“You’re going to make me cum…. Good girl.” 

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