Out of the Jungle

Our second BDSM event and the theme was Jumanji, so I took inspiration from ‘Ruby Roundhouse’ for my outfit.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening again chatting to new people and some familiar ones from our first time. There were 3 planned pieces of entertainment during the evening; a belly dancer, dueling Dommes and a rope demonstration.

During the evening, as I watched 2 people play, I became entranced. From their play it was clear I was watching a Sadist and a masochist. Although a lot of the impact they were doing was far from what I would enjoy, I totally respected what they were doing. It was real play and nothing about it looked staged for the event. From the looks, the subtle goading for a reaction and boy was there a reaction, then glares and begging, smirks etc, they both seemed to be getting what they needed. It was quite something being allowed to watch this play out and for whatever reason, I was mesmerised by them both. I love to hear about or, if I’m lucky enough, watch others play, how they interact, what they get from it. It’s all so fascinating.

13 thoughts on “Out of the Jungle

  1. Wonderful outfit! I’ve never been to. Themed kink event before (which is really odd, perhaps you’ve given me some inspiration). Love the idea ๐Ÿ™‚


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