Club Night – part 2

We are attending a club for the first time. I am on my knees, sucking Mr E’s cock in a public cinema….

After a while I was told to stop and that we would continue in private. I sat back next to him while he adjusted himself and noticed one of the single guys had moved to the arm of the sofa right next to us, watching us very closely. Not daring to smile to give him the wrong impression. I was happy he’d watched I even hoped he liked what he seen but I didn’t want him thinking he could join us. I turned my attention to the big screen as I waited for Mr E’s next move. When it was clear there was nothing more for him to see he moved infront of another couple and proceeded to watch them. Is this really happening? It was like I needed to pinch myself to wake from this fantasy world, so far from our usual Friday night and quite surreal.

We headed upstairs, knowing exactly where we wanted to be, the Amsterdam rooms. I asked Mr E if he would like me to advertise myself for him, to which he agreed (He was in a very agreeable mood!). Entering the room I closed the door and positioned myself in the centre of the window. I really wanted to do this but could I? Here, right now ? Tentatively I started to move. I gestured to Mr E asking if I could remove my dress. He gave a slight nod, oh gosh, here goes, in for a penny, in for a pound and my dress was off.If there was a time for my inner goddess to show up now was it.

So there I was in a swingers club, behind glass for anyone to see, in suspenders, panties, stockings and high heels, advertising myself shamelessly to my husband. I could hear the music from the dance area and was grateful for the rhythmical throbbing beat. OMG it was dreamlike, I felt sexy, naughty and turned on. I became a little braver, making eye contact with Mr E as I moved for him. I wanted to drive him wild. I wanted people to see what I do for him and what I do to him. Mr E came to the door and asked how much to come into the room, a deal was done (if I remember correctly, he agreed I get all his worldly goods) and we locked the door.

At the back of the room a screen obscured a double bed but at the side of the bed, however, we were still in view of passers-by. Mr E dropped his trousers and told me to get on my knees at the side of the bed. Knowing passers-by would be able to see through the window but kept to a distance because we had locked the door allowed me to relax. I was excited and enjoying the thrill of being a brazen rude girl, a good girl pleasing her Sir for anyone to see. I took my time sucking and worshipping his cock, teasing the tip then taking him deep again and again. Mr E decided he wanted a change and moved us onto the bed, out of sight, for more fun….

Feeling a slightly buzzed we got ourselves a drink and sat in the dance area. It wasn’t too busy at all. The room next to the dance area, where 5 people were playing earlier, was still busy. The club has a themed event on the last Saturday of each month and the Friday night before it is always quieter. It was for that reason that we chose to visit on the Friday. It suited us very well for our first time, giving us chance to take it all in and chat. We had a quick spin on the poles which was really hard and I did not look sexy but it was good fun.

With a few more 1st’s noted down it was time to go home. Out into the freezing night to defrost the car.

11 thoughts on “Club Night – part 2

  1. I absolutely love this, Lilly, and am even a bit envious of it. It has always been a fantasy of mine to go to a club like this, and who knows, one day it might still happen. Until then, I will read about sexy encounters like this of yours. Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Marie xox


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