Carry on, Please !

Over the last few posts I have given a brief overview of our journey leading us to, and going to kink events. It’s been great reliving some of those moments. From a trip to Amsterdam in 2019 then a swingers club and then to monthly events held at a large Fetish Club & Dungeon, the first of which was just October 2021.

The club is, to date, my favorite place to visit. It ticks a lot of my boxes and is the best fit for us both. The setup is professional, the equipment is top class and the people are all friendly and fabulous. A change in our personal circumstances has meant less opportunity to play at home. The preparation leading up to the event and attending the events has kept that spark going. Life constantly throws those curve balls so those plans for fun helps you hang on in there.

As we recover from last nights ‘Twisted Circus’ event I remember last months event, Ragnarok, the busiest event that we have attended so far. So many wonderful costumes and again, great entertainment. A chance to catch up with friends and chat to new ones. Unfortunately, due to going on holiday the following day, play was limited but a good night nevertheless.

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