We Won Something!

We had lots of fun at our last event and were already making our outfits for the next event.  What a surprise we had receiving a message to say we had won a prize for our outfits.

The range of emotions we both felt from disbelief, excited, nervous, excited and more.  We were keen to get the prize booked 

1 so that we didn’t have long to wait

2 so we didn’t chicken out.  We had seen this talented, experienced dominatrix in action.  Someone to be respected and boy is she hot.

The next few days we were buzzing just thinking about our upcoming encounter.  Mr E has messaged with our general preferences but apart from that we didn’t really know exactly what to expect.

The experience was amazing.  Lots of new and different things including a beautiful woman leading an erotic session involving us both.  I was quickly and expertly tied up with rope.  Before this I was unsure about rope but I have to admit it was a wonderful feeling.  Where I thought it would dig in and be uncomfortable it was in fact both comfortable and I felt safe (very little wriggle room).  I’m sure if either Mr E or myself tried anything like that we would have taken a good hour but I was restrained and strung up in no time.  

Feeling 2 sets of hands on my body at the same time was H.O.T.

Mr E also experienced being blindfolded (although not for long) and was tied to me.

I was whipped which was just WOW.  Whips are not to be messed around with and, having little to no experience, Mr E has only taken a couple of swipes at me before.  Let’s just say there were more than a couple of swipes this time.  With marks still faint on my body 2 weeks later Mr E is not keen on a whip being used on me again.

I’ll just put it on the Christmas list and leave it there for now. 

More firsts chalked up and loads of fun. Life does take some funny turns sometimes.

12 thoughts on “We Won Something!

  1. I am so pleased that you got to have this experience. I am not sure about the whip either but it is not something I have ever experienced. You certainly had some marks! Glad you both had such an amazing time. Missy x


  2. Great prize package! My goodness, that image of your stripes is GLORIOUS!
    Being tied to your partner is such an intimate experience 🙂
    I hope you both got something to take with you int eh future 🙂


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