Hocus Pocus

What is it they say… As one door closes another one slams in your face !  I had the week off work and we had planned to have some kinky fuckery and halloween’ish photos on the day that the house was ours for a whole 7 hours.  Yes you heard right, just the 2 of us home, alone, for 7 big fat fun-filled hours. Things are starting to slot back into place, the stars are aligning.

Hello teacher training day.  Door 1 closes. Would you believe it? A single teacher training day, on a Tuesday! Ok a quick rethink and, not so great, but we can still get 4 hours on another day in the house to ourselves. We would have to be organized but still, 4 hours ooooo yes please. 

Hello coronavirus. Door 2 slams in our face. Thing2 is sent home from school to isolate, as a child in his class has tested positive.  Thinking caps back on. How do we get around this?

Thank goodness T2 enjoys gaming, not all is lost.  After feeding and watering him we figured he wouldn’t go too far for a couple of hours.  We were right and we were able to take some photos. Armed with the most elaborate props (lip gloss, a witches hat and a magic wand, the most powerful wand ever!) Sir got to work with his high tech camera, on his phone. Pictures taken and the phone is set aside time to have some (quieter) fun.

With life, yet again, getting in the way of our original plan we worked around it, and although our time was not exactly as we had hoped or dreamed of we were not defeated. If we want something bad enough we can usually find a way, where there’s sex involved anyway. It may be a toned down version, it can be just as much fun. Some photos were publishable, bonus, so we thought we would post a few photos of Sir’s little witch.

17 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus

  1. These photos are fabulous Lilly. Life does have a way of changing our plans but I am glad you made it a great day anyway. I love your wand twist! Missy x


  2. Oh it’s so difficult to get time and space to take sexy photos (or do anything sexy at all) when kids are home, especially unexpectedly. But you have done it, and these images are absolutely stunning!
    Thank you so much for linking up with WW, and you are more than welcome to do so more ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Marie


  3. 1. Those are some really hot pictures, and you have my favorite wand… Itโ€™s magic.
    2. I think we have all suffered from little ones at home over the last 6 months and weโ€™re all so ready for … lots of things.


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