Amsterdam – Something Different !

A couple of years ago we booked an adult only, short trip to Amsterdam, a 1st for me and our favorite, fun city so far. Remembering back on our midlife experience (crisis) ….

We have lots planned, non of which would be child friendly. I will also add here that there are cultural and historical sites a plenty in Amsterdam and forgive us please but that was not the purpose of our visit. We needed a blow out. A boat tour, museums, space cake, sex show and to check out a local swingers club. Before we went we searched the internet for attractions, what would be on while we are there, what we could to expect, people reactions to different experiences, and anything really that may be relevant. A few things to just add here are 1, I have never tried any space cake or similar products and 2, neither of us are swingers. We have never shared each other and have no plans to do so in the future but from what we have read about swingers clubs this wouldn’t be an issue and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We both enjoy watching and feel that in the right surroundings we wouldn’t mind being watched. We like to think that we are getting to be more open minded and were excited to see new places and try new experiences in Amsterdam.

Back to Amsterdam. Starting with a drink at the airport which we don’t usually do as we have children in tow and a car to drive when we land. Not this time though so best make the most of it. Landing at Amsterdam airport and walking through the biggest airport I’ve ever been in is an experience. I’m not a big city girl, this is all so different to any other break we have been on already. So many people, shops and food outlets everywhere and we’re still at the airport. We find our way to the ticket machines for our train tickets and were soon on our way to our accommodation. Things are going to plan, all quite easy. We find our accommodation which is well chosen and central to the a lot of attractions (brownie point for me). No time to loose, 2 nights, 3 days, let’s get going.

A relaxing way to see some of Amsterdam is on a boat tour which is interesting, informative and relaxing. The maze of waterways lined with quirky, wonky buildings galore which fascinates us both. Next onto the chocolate space cake which is a wonderful confection that, after a period of saying ‘I don’t feel any different’ soon had us both giggling like school kids. I can not condone the taking of drugs but hey, when in Rome and all that !

The museums are everywhere and what can I say…..they are enlightening, amusing, wired. Queuing up for the sex show seems unreal. I know it’s late and given the sights we’ve already taken in I’m a little giddy. We found a seat, ordered our drinks and watched the entertainment, providing us with a range of reactions from chuckling, gasping, laughing, oh’s, oo’s and wow’s. There were a couple of dance acts, a couple of ‘fuck’ acts (no turn on at all, very tongue in cheek) and the biggest wow being the acrobatic, tasteful, talented pole dancers. We both though they were memorizing and could happily watch them again.

On our second day we had a free afternoon and had planned to go to the swingers club in the evening. Well, it would seem that Sir doesn’t take much persuading when it comes to ‘cake’ and as we pass yet another coffee shop my pleas of ‘caaaake’ were realized. It was early afternoon so we had time to get our heads back on for the evening. So with little self control we found ourselves sitting on a bench, in the sun, eating banana space cake. We then moved to a bar for refreshments, then on to another bar. Things progressed, the beer flowed and we soon found ourselves in another little bar. A group of 6 people came in and we got carried away chatting and had another beer…. or 2 or 3. Sometimes plans change and on this occasion we didn’t quite make it to the club, we were in no fit state lol.

Although a little disappointed about not attending the club we had a fantastic time in Amsterdam with one off, new experiences. I wouldn’t change a thing and sometimes you have to just go with the flow.

12 thoughts on “Amsterdam – Something Different !

  1. Amsterdam is so MUCH isn’t it? I think you would need weeks to see and do everything. I also went with the flow in NL and don’t regret it either. When in Rome πŸ˜‰


  2. Funny, we live an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, and where I have been to the Red Light District, I have never been to see a show, never ate space cake and never hung around in a bar there. My trips were either shopping trips, or trips to museums πŸ˜‰
    But, your trip sounds much more exciting! Sometimes it’s good to just go with the flow,
    And I LOVE your image πŸ™‚
    ~ Marie xox


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