During my working day I have to wear trousers so most of my time out of work, around the house, going out or going out, out, I like to wear a dress or skirt. So what do I team this up with, tights or stockings? There is so much choice out there from tights, suspender tights, stockings paired with basques, belts or knickers with suspenders on them, hold up stockings, fishnets, patterned, silk, novelty, the list goes on.

I do like a bit of dress up but depending on what I’m doing or where I’m going plays a part in whether I use tights or stockings. In the cooler seasons, chilling at home or popping to the shops I’ll wear thick tights. Dressing up for a night out or staying in to play I want to feel sexy and stockings are top of my list. Hold ups are more discreet under some clothing although suspenders are the real deal. They are not convenient or quick to throw on but the whole performance of dressing in stockings and suspenders builds up those feelings that you are taking time to look and feel good. Knowing how Mr E reacts to seeing me in them also gives me a confidence boost too.

Pants over or under? Usually during play I put the pants over the stockings/suspenders for ease of access but some sets just don’t look right. To combat this I have altered the matching thongs and put a popper or 2 at the back so that Mr E still has the easy access without removing the underwear completely.

Recently Mr E put out some underwear for me to put on for play. The knickers had not been altered and I was unsure whether to go under or over but I knew we were also taking photos. Mind made up they went under so the photos would look better. All went well with the photos then Mr E pinged the knickers “What’s going on here? You’d better go upstairs and sort those out before I get up there”. I raced upstairs and grabbed a pair of scissors. Finding the most convenient seam, I cut the thong and shimmied it up my body and off over my head. Play continued unhindered and the knickers went into my sewing box to be altered.

It’s all about the practicalities rather than the sexy when chilling around the house with children still here and even when out walking. I was having trouble with the tights not staying in place on our longer walks. As they slipped down my legs a new silly walk to adjust them came into action. I complained to a friend and she suggested putting a pair of pants over the top to keep them in place. I had the perfect thing…. Flashing these little (ok HUGE) beauties at Mr E just before leaving the house for one of these walks he was left bewildered. A couple of days later, as I was bent over to put my boots on, he slapped my bottom then rubbed it. After a slight pause he said “Oh I know what’s going on here!” He’s not a fan but it keeps me comfortable.

Whatever your mood or occasion from classy, sexy or slutty, going out for a meal to having fun in the bedroom there’s something out there.

lilly 😄

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